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Christian Preschool &

NYS Licensed Day Care

121 Harriman Heights Road

Monroe, NY 10950


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Each week new experiences will focus on sensing the world around us through exploration, imagination, sound and motion.  Adventurers will learn the skills, as well as develop an awareness to enjoy and respect the outdoors through the concept of “Leave no Trace” and “Project Wild” from an expert Forest Ranger including: the use of maps and compasses, discovering and building animal habitats,  gardening, cooking, sounds and music.  Activities will not only allow campers to explore the great outdoors, but to share and discover their inner, natural talents, all of which will stimulate and encourage an appreciation of nature while developing their minds, self-image and self-worth.

As in the past, each week different themes offer our Adventurers ample opportunity to imagine, move, perform, laugh, play, create and make friends while expanding their minds. Throughout camp, Adventurers will be encouraged to document what they learn and experience along their tour through the written word, while expanding their vocabulary and language.

 This year OC Entertainment, Inc. will be bringing in added fun weekly by the way of water slides, an inflatable Pirate ship and Carnival Games, as well as optional Camp Adventures including a Mining Expedition and Archery. 



Our staff is a team of experienced and dedicated Counselors (teachers, college students and assistants) under the direction of our Summer Camp Activities Director Jessica Nardo.  Ms. Nardo is a teacher at Little Pals with a degree in Psychology, she’s a certified Yoga Instructor, and has training in occupational therapy principles.  She uses all of her training to develop activities and curriculum that will help the children expand their knowledge while making memories that will last a lifetime.  Mrs. Angela A. Nardo, MS-CCC-SLP the Director of Little Pals Preschool will be overseeing the daily operations of the camp with assistance from Mrs. Melissa Graziano, Assistant Director and Head Teacher of the three-year old program and Camp Counselor.  Many of our wonderful, LPP trained staff, are involved all summer to make your child feel loved, comfortable and cared for.  Key staff members are CPR and First Aid trained.


Little Pals Camp sits on several beautiful acres just waiting to be explored.  We have a large fenced in playground and surrounding natural areas set up for campers. Adventurers will sing songs around the camp circle, engage in sports on our playing field, relax and reflect in our tents or join in yoga, create masterpieces using different mediums in the art area or build a drift wood free form, jump and laugh in our bouncy house, or get wet and wild in water activities.  If the weather doesn’t cooperate we can always bring the fun indoors in our large air conditioned facility.  Our facility is clean and safe.  All entrances and grounds are monitored through a surveillance system.  Our doors are locked and visitors will be permitted to enter after being identified by our School Secretary.  





July 5th - July 7th              

America’s Adventure Tour I

Let’s celebrate America and all that it stands for! Campers will create a unity flag for some team development and make patriotic crafts. This week we will be introducing the Adventurers to the concepts of our Little Pal summer camp (Leave No Trace and Project Wildlife). There will be some team bonding at our fire circle with sing alongs to some national hits, group discussions on what America is to you, and silly chants and cheers. Our campers will be staying cool with some water sports and blasting off into the summer season with some awesome firework relay games all throughout the day!


July 10th -  July 14th                  

Wildlife Wonder Tour II

Our adventurers will have their curiosity stirred this week while exploring the great outdoors! This tour gives the children an opportunity to learn, build, and enjoy summer camp through some wondrous Project Wild activities! Come join us for the chance to build animal habitats with our friend the Forest Ranger and participate in group activities with hands-on experiences to understand the important roles animals play in nature. We will learn about insects (grasshoppers/worms), and engage all your senses while enjoying a visit from a local animal educator who will bring some live animals!


July 17th - July 21st         

Nature’s Navigation Tour III

Can you dig it? I bet you will!  During this week’s tour campers will be participating in games, nature activities, crafts and adventures that surround soil, trees, and plants! We will be exploring, finding and logging geocaches that will be set up on the grounds. Adventurers will be learning how to use a compass and navigate during our weekly visit from our friend the forest ranger, as well as participating in learning activities set up within our obstacle courses and scavenger hunts.  Join us for an awesome mining experience (optional - additional fee) provided by OC Entertainment Inc., where mining campers will wear a headlamp equipped helmet to find treasures hidden in little crevices inside a fantastic mine shaft! Trekking together through this week, there will be discussions shared on the importance and safety of learning to navigate, and the history of navigation- comparing cave painting to today’s GPS.


July 24th -  July 28th   

Rhythm & Harmony in Nature Tour IV

Our summer camp will be echoing with silly camp songs and live entertainment put on by the children and counselors. The campers will explore the grounds in search of scales, rhythms, and harmonies created by nature! Come make musical crafts from recycled products, enjoy some rhythm and beat by a DJ who is just a kid too, and rock out in your team band or join the camp parade! Enjoy learning musical skills such as the health benefits of singing, music and emotion, musical theory, memory and timing. Lessons, games, and activities will be provided by our weekly visit from our forest ranger friend in bio sonar (bats/birds) - on animals who emit and navigate through sound. 



July 31st - August 4th                       

Wood Scouts & Cook Outs Tour V

Prepare, cook, and serve up some tasty treats with your fellow campers!  Pots will bubble, grills and griddles will sizzle and campers will have their taste buds jumping for joy! Participate in our taste testing, and create your own recipe. While building on our taste buds, we will also be constructing with our hands as well! Create and learn how to make a shelter out in the nature area during the weekly visit from our Forest Ranger. Take a break inside and build a Lego structure or construct a tube maze for your friends to figure out the path your ball will take. 


August 7th - 11th                   

Eco-Enrichers Tour VI

Take an eco-adventure this week with science and nature-based experiments, activities and games through the concepts of Project Wild and Leave No Trace.  With our friend the forest ranger, participate in hands-on experiences that ignite the love of science such as identifying tracks and casting of animal prints. Enjoy creating leaf prints, and lessons on how animals spread seeds and their important roles in nature. Try your hand in gardening, and building a butterfly habitat, or enjoy some yoga and meditation in the shade with Miss Jess! Campers can build on the adventure and intrigue with a chance to learn some archery skills provided and taught by OC Entertainment Inc. (optional – additional fee), and even purchase your own youth archery kit!


August 14th - 18th                 

Imagineer Adventure Tour VII

Find your inner animal and let’s turn it into a theatrical performance! This week was a major hit last year at summer camp, and is all about entertainment. Some of the skills incorporated within this week are about what it takes to put on a great performance. We will be discussing set and wardrobe changes, mood settings and lighting, miming techniques, working on exaggerated expressions with face paint and more! Our theater friends will help by supplying some spectacular props for the daily skits, songs, dances, and prop relay races put on by our counselors and campers alike! Be a performer or just enjoy being a part of the audience – everyone will get a chance to join in the fun games and activities this week brings! 


August 21st - 25th                  

Summer’s Final Adventure VIII

The carnival music will begin to play, the big top will rise, and the tickets will rack up as this week takes us off on our last tour for the summer! Face painting, juggling, miming, puppet shows, and so many carnival games! The children will get a chance to dunk their favorite counselor or director – this is a great way to say “so long” to Little Pals Summer Camp and all our friends.