4 Year Old Program

Full Day - 2 to 5 days weekly

Our Pre-Kindergarten curriculum is multi-faceted and geared toward  the “whole child”, fostering multiple intelligences and learning styles.  The centers in our classrooms will be available for hands-on-learning and reflect evidence on the topic being investigated.  Circle Time each day will set the stage for the exploration and introduce relevant concepts.

Our primary objectives are to:

  • Facilitate an environment rich in language to encourage both expressive and receptive speech and language across the curriculum areas

  • Create an environment where each child feels safe, included and loved

  • Offer children opportunities to make choices and engage in social and cooperative play

  • Provide many opportunities for creative expression

  • Value all ideas and learning styles

  • Help children express their feelings in constructive ways and begin to learn problem solving techniques

Throughout the school year, the curriculum will have a common thematic unit that will develop and expand as the year progresses. This thread of learning will encompass many areas of the curriculum, allowing the children to learn in a holistic, integrative setting.  Each month you will receive a detailed web highlighting the thematic experiences across the curriculum. The ABC’s begin to take on new meaning as a connection develops between letters and words.  In class we will highlight letters in a developmentally appropriate sequence.  Word Walls and a classroom rich in print will help promote curiosity and learning opportunities. 

Beginning sight words and early phonics skills will be introduced this year and act as a springboard toward kindergarten readiness.  We will incorporate the Handwriting without Tears curriculum to teach letter formation and directionality.  This program was developed in 1978 by an occupational therapist and has been used throughout the US and adopted by the Monroe/Woodbury School District.  The Handwriting without Tears program at Little Pals will act as a foundation for your child and will be carried through their early elementary years in school.  Little Pals has purchased all the necessary equipment, tools, manuals and CDs to make this program a success.  Numerous multisensory and manipulatives will be provided to encourage early literacy as well.  The Word Time component of Handwriting without Tears will enforce vocabulary skills in a fun and engaging matter.  The skill level and interest of each child will vary and we will individualize instruction to keep the children engaged and excited about learning.

The Social Studies component this year is entitled “Me and My World”. We will start the school year focusing on our school and community.  We will then move into a study of New York with a focus on our beautiful Hudson Valley.  We will then learn about the United States before moving onto other countries and cultures.  The children will have the opportunity to learn about the culture, music and arts, and cuisine of different countries and our nutritional component of the curriculum will go hand in hand with our study of various cultures.  We ask that if anyone has information or expertise on a certain area of the world, to share it with us.  We look forward to including the many cultures and experiences of the families in our school.

Four Year Old Preschool

Full Day: 9:00am - 3:00pm

Extended Day: 7:30am - 6:00pm

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